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Revolutionary New Sexual Supplement

Erostat is a new supplement available from Selmedica Healthcare™. It offers fast acting relief from the symptoms associated with low libido.

We call it REVOLUTIONARY because Erostat fights your symptoms from the inside–from every angle. It attacks the emotional, physical, and the psychological causes of Sexual Dysfunction. You are actually receiving a system that is attacking your lowered libido, decreased sex drive, and hormonal imbalance from every possible direction.

The supplement contains active ingredients that have been proven to be effective in treating low sexual desire, vaginal dryness, poor circulation, and pain.

“Look At All That Erostat Can Do For You”

Just imagine. When you have control of your symptoms…

* You’ll have increased vaginal moisture.
* You’ll have increased pleasure during sex.
* You’ll eliminate discomfort from dryness.
* You’ll have heightened sexual pleasure for you and your partner.
* You’ll have increased kegel muscular control.
* You’ll speed orgasms.
* You’ll have increased intensity of orgasms.
* You’ll have increased sexual readiness.

How Erostat Works For You

Erostat is powerful. This one of a kind supplement is originally formulated specifically for relief from the symptoms of associated with low libido.

Erostat quickly improves lowered sexual desire, vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalance, pain, even lack of muscle control.

Unlike other options whose active ingredients are often destroyed in the liver or stomach before given a chance to reach their intended target, our specially formulated supplemental blend in Erostat, works differently.

This insures that the full strength of the herbs is available when and where it is needed to fight your lowered libido.

Supplements have been used for many years as a safe and effective means of taking care of ailments naturally without a prescription. They have been proven effective and supported by many years and volumes of documented research.

Erostat Is Different

Unlike other options that require expensive medication with harmful side effects, our Erostat offers a better way! Erostat is a safer, faster and more efficient way to help you deal with lowered libido, vaginal dryness, and poor circulation naturally.

Erostat is different because it’s the only option available on the market that fights your symptoms from every angle.

Erostat’s unique delivery system is KEY in your relief. Erostat is designed specifically to combat the symptoms and go straight to each cause – emotional, physical, and psychological.

What Experts Say About Erostat

According to medicinal information provided to the National Institute of Health, each of the active ingredients in Erostat plays a significant role in the fight against vaginal dryness, lack of muscle control, and pain.

"You Need to Hear These Real Life Success Stories"

"My boyfriend and I had a pretty good sex life, but I had to start taking an anti-depressant. I would have sex with him even though I wasn't really in the mood. I never was able to have an orgasm on the medication and my boyfriend started initiating sex less and less because he could tell I wasn't into it. It really started to affect our relationship and I was even thinking about getting off my medication even though it was making all other aspects of my life better. I found Erostat when I was looking for a solution. I started taking Erostat and within two weeks, I could tell a huge difference, my boyfriend could too. Thanks, I believe Erostat might have saved my relationship."

- Amber K.
Quincy, FL

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